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Successful Toulouse tour for Raphael Pichot!

Raphaël participated this month of March 2022 in two ITF U18 tournaments near Toulouse. Until now, he had played few international tennis tournaments in the same category but had nevertheless won an ITF doubles in Austria with his partner Caspar Mikkelsen. His stay in Toulouse will have allowed him to take a step forward!

The first tournament was organized in Colomiers. Raphaël reached the semi-finals of the tennis tournament by beating two Italian players and a Swiss player. The highlight of the tournament was the quarter-final match against an Italian. Raphaël was trailing 6/2 5/2 and managed to turn things around and win 6/2 in the third set! He lost in the semi-finals, not without demerit, against the winner of the tournament, the Italian Lorenzo Carboni (Italian U16 champion).

The second tournament was played in Blagnac. In the first round, Raphael had a tough draw falling to number 5 seed Romanian Pop. Raphaël released the best match of his fortnight against a talented opponent who served lightning. He won 6/4 in the third set having saved three match points! He then won in the second round 6/2 6/2 against a French player. His Toulouse adventure then ends in the 1/4 final against a young Frenchman, with Raphael a little blunted physically and mentally by the two weeks of tennis competition.

In the end, a tour that will have allowed Raphaël to obtain his first convincing results on the international tennis circuit and which allows him to start his season with full confidence!

End of the youth tour for our 12 players

End of the youth tour for our 12 players who will have counted by less than 119 matches around Montpellier! Great performances for many of them, and above all two great weeks of tennis interspersed with outings to the beach, to the cinema or to the fun fair! Beautiful moments of sharing between players and coaches! Now make way for the older ones with the adult tour which follows!


Congratulations to Nathan Seateun

Congratulations to Nathan Seateun on his rise to T100! Nice climbs in the rankings also for: Auriane Lunain 1/6 Raphael Pichot 2/6 Florian Guillemet 4/6 Antoine Mendil 15/1 Victor Peyrebonne 15/2 Jules Bertrand 15/2 Corentin Pinatel 15/3 Anaëlle Fretin 15/4 Nina Vukotic 15/4 Elise Vivien 30 Ethan Robert 30/1 Bravo à tous ! 👏

Nice performance of Nathan Seateun

Nice performance of Nathan Seateun (871 ATP) at the M25 of Montauban who wins his first round 6/4 7/5 against Markus Eriksson, 384 ATP!
Next ATP tournament: Uriage! ⚡️

Tour in Cyprus on two ITF 17/18

Tour in Cyprus on two ITF 17/18 for Mathieu Derache and Raphaël Pichot After a great victory in the first round for Raphaël and a quarter-final for Mathieu in the first hard tournament, we are getting ready on clay for Monday! Vamos!

The president of the Algerian tennis federation at the academy

Visit of Mr. YOUSFI, president of the Algerian tennis federation who came to supervise his Davis Cup player Youcef Rihane (50th ITF junior in 2019). The ITF junior is the world ranking of tennis players in the youth category.

Arriving at the beginning of April, Youcef decided to make the academy his base camp in Europe.

A player from the academy Winner of an ITF tournament

A victorious return from the tour for Caspar Jalili Mikkelsen who wins the ITF GUSSING tournament in Austria!

Only one set lost in singles and a doubles final with Raphael Pichot (club partner) to top it off!

Back to the academy to work all April and we'll be back as soon as possible! 👏🏻

European tennis season in full swing

The Tennis Europe season is in full swing in France: Auriane LUNAIN, Inès MHAOURI, Raphael PICHOT, Arthur GEA and Mathieu DERACHE who will compete in the tournaments of Dijon, Chambon sur Lignon and Tim Essonne

Amaury DELMAS visiting the Academy

Always a pleasure to find the former residents of the Academy: today it is Amaury DELMAS (-4/6) who comes to spend 2 days to prepare his next tournament.