Mental, medical and school supervision

Comprehensive Support for Holistic Development: Meet Our Medical, Mental and School Team

Welcome to the Alain Barrère Tennis Academy, where our commitment to your growth goes beyond the tennis courts. We understand that true excellence in tennis requires a holistic approach that encompasses not only physical training, but also mental resilience and academic balance. Our dedicated team of medical, mental and school professionals work tirelessly to provide you with a comprehensive support system that nurtures every aspect of your development.

Our medical team is made up of experienced professionals who prioritize your well-being. From injury prevention to rehabilitation, our medical team ensures that you are physically ready to perform at your best. With personalized training regimens, recovery strategies, and wellness tips, we're here to safeguard your health and longevity in the game.

Mental toughness is a pillar of successful athletes. Our mental coaching team is equipped to help you manage performance anxiety, improve your focus and develop the winning mindset needed to overcome challenges. Through one-on-one sessions, workshops and proven techniques, we are determined to help you unlock your full mental potential.

We understand the importance of maintaining academic pursuits alongside your tennis journey. Our academic support team works with you, your school and your family to ensure a balanced education. With a flexible schedule, study orientations, and a commitment to academic excellence, we empower you to succeed both on and off the court.

At the Alain Barrère Tennis Academy, our medical, mental and academic team work together harmoniously to create an environment where your holistic development is our priority. We are more than coaches; we are partners in your journey to success. Join us to experience the transformative impact of a comprehensive support system that propels you toward excellence in all aspects of your life

Estelle DUPRE : Cours Pythagore Director
Samuel LUC : Physiotherapist
Marie BARRE : Physiotherapist
Stéphane BORRAS : Osteopath
Allan GAROSI : Osteopath
Laetitia CHIODETTI : Sports doctor specializing in sports trauma
Pascale PERETTI : Physiotherapist