The No. 1 tennis academy in Provence!

Created in 1991, the Academy aims training
and training of players competitive and high level.

Recognized for its seriousness for many years,
the alain barrere tennis academy located in le pontet, in the south of france,
shows convincing results with, among other things,
3 emblematic professional tennis players:
Benoit PAIRE, Mathias BOURGUE, Arthur GEA

They talk about the academy :
Benoit Paire  Mathias Bourgue  

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the 2 days of immersion, what is it?

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This immersion program combines tennis training,
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Benoit Paire

Trained at the Academy, Benoit spent 10 years (from 8 to 18)
under the guidance of Alain Barrere.
He is today one of the best French players on the ATP circuit.

Tournaments won :
2019 - Lyon (ATP 250)
2019 - Marrakech (ATP 250)
2015 - Bastad (ATP 250)


Mathias Bourgue

Joined the Academy aged 12 and went from 30 to 2/6 in 3 years

European U16 singles champion

Arthur Gea

He joined the Tennis Academy at 8 years old and spent 6 years there until he joined the French team.
He is now one of the most promising French tennis players and today occupies the status of French number 2 of his generation and number 8th international junior at the age of 19.
Another great promise made by the Alain Barrere tennis academy.