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For many years now we have strived to strengthen the bonds with neighbouring companies.

These companies help us on a daily basis to make the academy a quality place for its teachings and bring the best out of every single student who chooses to follow one of our many courses.

What is the main mission of the Alain Barrère Tennis Academy?

The Alain Barrère Tennis Academy aims to provide quality training to young tennis players, with an emphasis on technical, physical, mental and emotional development, while promoting sporting and academic excellence.

What are the advantages of becoming a partner of the Alain Barrère Tennis Academy?

As a partner, you can benefit from increased visibility thanks to an association with a renowned institution in the world of tennis. Additionally, you will support the development of talented young athletes and have the opportunity to participate in special academy events and initiatives.

What types of partnerships are available and what are the financial implications?

We offer varying levels of partnerships, from main sponsors to one-off partners for specific events. Financial implications vary depending on the level of partnership and associated benefits. We would be happy to discuss the options that best suit your needs and goals.

How are partner funds used within the academy?

Partner funds are used to support training programs, the purchase of equipment and educational materials, as well as to help finance travel to competitions and tournaments. Your support directly contributes to improving the facilities and resources available to young players.

What visibility is offered to the partners of the Alain Barrère Tennis Academy?

Partners benefit from visibility through various channels, including the academy website, social media, academy events and competitions in which our players participate. Special marketing and promotional opportunities may also be discussed depending on the partnership level.

How can I get involved as a partner and what are the next steps?

To become a partner of the Alain Barrère Tennis Academy, we invite you to make an appointment with our partnership development team. We will discuss your specific needs and goals, as well as opportunities for collaboration. Once we have defined the details of the partnership, we will put in place the necessary agreements to formalize our collaboration.

What are the criteria for becoming an academy partner?

We are looking for like-minded partners who are committed to supporting the development of young tennis players and who see the value in our educational and sporting mission. While we appreciate any level of financial commitment, we also seek partners who can provide additional resources, such as strategic advice, contacts or visibility opportunities.

How can I find out more about the academy's past successes and the achievements of its players?

We are proud to share our past successes and the achievements of our players with our potential partners. We can provide you with annual reports, testimonials from former players, performance statistics and other relevant information to give you an overview of our journey and successes so far.