Tennis studying in the USA, how to get a sports scholarship in tennis?

tennis studies in the usa, get a scholarship!


The scholarship for international students, an ultimate goal but difficult to reach!

Tennis is a very popular sport all over the world. particularly in the American universities which are a real springboard foryoung players who aim for the very high level and offer tennis studies in the USA

For both men and women, tennis etudes is very popular; in the United States but also very expensive compared to studies in France.
Yet among all the universities and colleges Americans, many institutions offer scholarships sports that can even cover the entire of the costs of these high-level lessons.

Indeed, these universities and colleges see the interest of enhancing their name thanks to; the possible birth of a young prodigy in local and national tournaments who could be you!

You should know that the number of scholarships awarded to tennis players and tennis players is different.
For women, teams can deliver up to 8 sesames which is relatively important given the number of women's tennis players of excellent level

On the other hand, for men, the tennis scholarships are less many because there are 4.5 for team scholarships. 

These scholarships are regularly shared between talented young players and it is necessary to excel to have the possibility of to glean one of these precious scholarships.
It takes also know that despite the possibility awarding a scholarship sporting tennis at one of these many prestigious universities, it may be that your stays at to pay is significant in the order of several thousand euros according to the university concerned.

So pay attention to; that. On the other hand, beyond of these rates and value of the scholarship awarded, the choice of the university is of great importance.

In the important criteria that will be taken into account in the acceptance of a scholarship to follow a university year in the USA, it will be important to be registered in France in a school. Because we must not forget that it is an aid on merit and that applying for a scholarship implies great diligence in one's studies as well as a good tennis level. Then, we will be able to study the requests and ensure that the files are eligible for a scholarship.

This scholarship will allow you to benefit from a total or partial exemption from the amount of tuition fees at an American university. The Ministry of National Education promotes this mobility aid, but it is necessary to inquire with real specialists to obtain all the information in the context of a scholarship application.

However, we can highlight the good international relations between our 2 countries which will enhance your admission possibilities to become a student in a prestigious American university.

Do you have any questions?

Here are the questions asked by our tennis students wishing to study at an American university.

What level do you need to have to get a tennis scholarship to study in the USA?

If you want to be able to get a tennis scholarship in a university American, you must have a level already; very advanced even national. Now you can also, depending on your age continue high-level training in a tennis academy like the Alain tennis academy Barrere who will help you reach the level required to obtain this precious scholarship. 

What is the university period in tennis in the USA?

The academic period begins in August of each year. It is punctuated by matches and training intense.
A season is generally structured from this way:
- Team preparation in August and before the start of the school year. 
- From September to to the end of the calendar year, some tournaments inter-universities will be offered to players in order to assess their level and qualify for the qualifications for the final stages of the NCAA 1, NCAA 2, NCAA 3 and NAIA Championships through the end of the year school. 

How is tennis training in the USA?

In American universities, training is regular and the coaches who do it are usually paid by results, which allows you to benefit from a level very high drivetrain and dedicated to to the player and improving their abilities
You will therefore have intense weeks including daily training sessions of more or less 2 hours tennis then physical preparation sessions with coaches to help you you build muscle and improve your cardio in addition to school education.

How do I know if I can get a scholarship?

Even if you have a very good level, it is not certain to obtain a tennis scholarship at the USA. The criteria that can be considered as main are obviously your school results and your sporting qualities. According to your ranking, you will have more or less chances of benefiting from a scholarship. As an example for the awarding of a scholarship, up to; a ranking of 5/6, we estimate your chances of obtaining a scholarship of 70%. And this percentage will increase with the ranking. At the academy, we do everything to prepare you physically, technically and on the results plan with accompaniment in the tournaments local, regional and ITF. Thus, with convincing results in these tournaments, your chances of obtaining a scholarship and succeeding in a professional career are much bigger.

Among the criteria for obtaining a scholarship to become a scholarship student and continue your studies within an establishment American education, there are also social criteria such as your parents' income. There are ceilings not to be exceeded in terms of tax household income, but all of this will be explained during the interview with our teams and this will define the amount of the grant potentially granted

Other questions? contact us at 06 23 36 59 46 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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They chose the BARRERE Academy as their launch base!

Many high-potential young tennis players started by taking tennis lessons at the Alain Barrere Academy with school lessons offered through our tennis studies program. Among them, we can cite Alexandre Peyrot who followed this course to favor international mobility and follow his tennis development with American universities. It went through our partner athletics USA and its scholarship program to obtain financial aid and follow post-Baccalaureate university years in the USA. Grace to our partner, he became eligible for the scholarship and was admitted to the university of west Florida to join a big tennis team which ranks in the first places every year. He played in the NCAA 2 college championship in 2013 and had very good results.

To obtain scholarships, precious sesames of foreign students for their higher education and follow their education within a higher education at US university campuses, scholars must meet the required selection criteria. For that, our academy puts its tennis students in contact with the appropriate organizations in order to meet all the conditions and benefit from assistance financial for the year and thus achieve can be a full scholarship to no longer have tuition fees.

In addition, all French or international students who wish to pursue their sports studies abroad, particularly in the United States,

Want to know more?

Our entire team is at your disposal to find out more about this course, which is quite apart but with the key, a renowned school education coupled to high-level tennis training so that you may one day reach the professional level. If you are tempted by this course, do not hesitate to contact us and test our 2 days of FREE immersion at the Alain Barrere tennis academy.

To fulfill the conditions for obtaining a scholarship with our partner, you will need to present your complete file to us, including your tennis sports results and your school results. It is also important to have a good level of English to be eligible for a scholarship for your studies.

For all information on the awarding of a scholarship and how to obtain it, we offer support with our partners and in particular Athletics USA with whom we have already brings out great players, formed; to the academy of tennis alain barrere then left to continue their studies in the USA.

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