Closer to the Barrere's Team | S1-E3

Team Alain Barrere continues its brilliant campaign at the French Team Championship in National 3, and this weekend was the scene of a most memorable meeting against Lyon. In an intense and exciting clash, our players once again demonstrated their excellence on the courts, sealing a resounding victory with a clear score of 6-0! We are extremely proud of the commitment, determination and talent of our entire team, whose impressive makeup includes:

Alain BARRERE, our emblematic captain and former player ranked -4/6, whose experience and leadership were valuable assets throughout this competition.

Nathan SEATEUN, currently ranked 923rd ATP player, whose presence on the court brings formidable strength to our team.

Mathieu DERACHE, ranked 0, whose determination and talent have contributed significantly to our collective success.

Antoine NIVAULT, ranked 1/6, whose perseverance and precision were key elements in our impressive performance.

Raphael PICHOT, ranked 1/6, whose combativeness and mastery were essential to maintain our advantage over our opponents.

Maxime HANKINS, ranked 1/6, whose consistency and calm were determining factors in our overwhelming victory.

Lorenzo PERUCCHINI, ranked 2/6, whose technical finesse and intelligence of play were crucial elements in our domination on the courts.

Hugo GRATS, ranked 4/6, whose determination and endurance were driving forces behind our collective success.

We would like to send a huge congratulations to the entire team for this memorable day and for brilliantly representing the colors of the Alain Barrere Academy. Their exemplary teamwork, fighting spirit and unwavering dedication are an inspiration to us all. This resounding victory testifies to the exceptional quality of our players and their ability to meet challenges with determination and passion. We look forward to seeing this dynamic continue in upcoming matches, with confidence that our team will continue to shine on the French tennis scene.

Follow this magnificent meeting on video: Watch the video