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Closer to the Barrere's Team | S1-E3

The Alain Barrere team continues its French team championship in national 3.

This weekend we face Lyon. And this very pleasant meeting gave birth to a final score of 6 to 0! Thank you to our entire team made up of:

- Alain BARRERE, captain and former -4/6
- Nathan SEATEUN, current 923rd ATP player
- Mathieu DERACHE, ranked 0
- Antoine NIVAULT, ranked 1/6
- Raphael PICHOT, ranked 1/6
- Maxime HANKINS, ranked 1/6
- Lorenzo PERUCCHINI, ranked 2/6
- Hugo GRATS, ranked 4/6

A big congratulations to the whole team for this superb day!

Follow this magnificent meeting on video:View the video