Registrations open for the 2023 summer tours

We are delighted to announce the opening of registrations for our two long-awaited summer tours in Montpellier! Two exciting events that will offer players of all ages and levels the opportunity to compete in a competitive and stimulating environment.

First, our Youth Tournament will be held from July 4-17, providing young players with the opportunity to shine the spotlight and hone their skills on the courts. With categories adapted to each age group and varied levels of competition, each participant will have the chance to live an enriching and entertaining experience.

Next, our Adult Tournament will take place from July 18 to August 2, offering adult players the opportunity to compete against their peers in a competitive and friendly atmosphere. With appropriate level and age categories, everyone will be able to find their place and take up the challenge, whether for the pleasure of the game or the quest for victory.

Over two exciting weeks, participants will have the opportunity to play in up to four different tournaments, while benefiting from intensive training on non-match days. This total immersion in the world of tennis will provide players with an unprecedented opportunity to progress, develop and perform at their best level.

Whether to sharpen their technical skills, take on new challenges or simply enjoy the electric atmosphere of summer tournaments, our summer events promise an unforgettable experience for all tennis enthusiasts. Join us for two weeks of competition, camaraderie and passion for the game, and get inspired to reach new heights of performance!