Nathan Seateun winner of the M15 Double of Sharm-el-Sheikh

🏆 It is with immense pride that we congratulate Nathan Seateun, emeritus member of our Tennis Academy, for his brilliant victory at the M15 Doubles tournament in Sharm-el-Sheikh, in partnership with Prajwal Dev! This remarkable performance marks Nathan's third international title in the Futures category, testament to his exceptional talent and unwavering commitment on the courts.

Since his beginnings, Nathan has been a fierce competitor, constantly pushing the limits of his abilities and rising to the top of international competition. His victory at the M15 Doubles in Sharm-el-Sheikh adds to an already impressive list of successes, including an individual M15 in the Canaries in 2019 and an M15 doubles title last year.

This victory is the result of many hours of intense training, sacrifice and unwavering determination. Nathan truly embodies the competitive spirit and inspires all those lucky enough to see him play on the court. His ability to perform under pressure and demonstrate leadership as a doubles partner is a testament to his tactical intelligence and commitment to excellence.

By winning this prestigious title, Nathan has once again proven that he is among the elite of international tennis. His success is a source of motivation for all the young players at the Tennis Academy, showing them that nothing is impossible with hard work, determination and belief in one's own abilities.

We are extremely proud of Nathan and everything he has accomplished so far. His victory in Sharm-el-Sheikh only strengthens our belief in his potential and his ability to shine on the world tennis stage. We look forward to following his career closely and supporting him in all his future challenges and successes. 🏆