Great results for Bollène tennis Tournament

🏆We are extremely proud of our players for their exceptional performances during the Bollène tournament, where they achieved a real success! Their exploits on the courts are a source of great pride for the entire Tennis Academy.

First of all, congratulations to Nathan Seateun, ranked N90, for his resounding victory in the tournament! His talent and determination were rewarded with this remarkable success, testifying to his status among the best players in his category.

A big congratulations also to Maxime Hankins, ranked 4/6, for having passed 7 rounds during this grueling tournament. His impressive victories at varying levels of competition, including against opponents ranked 5/6, 3/6, 2/6, 2/6, 3/6 and 0, demonstrate his versatility and strength on the courts.

We would also like to salute the remarkable performances of Romain Malhomme, ranked 3/6, and Lorenzo Perucchini, ranked 3/6. Passing 5 and 4 rounds respectively, with notable performances against opponents ranked 2/6, 1/6 and 3/6, they demonstrated their skill and determination to meet the challenges.

Well done to all our players for their commitment, passion and hard work which led to these brilliant results. Their success at the Bollène tournament is tangible proof of their talent and their determination to achieve excellence on the courts.