Tennis Studies

The perfect compromise between tennis and studying at our academy!

From 6th grade to 3rd year post graduation
Our structure aims to train autonomous young people by improving the level
of play of each one through a rational and rigorous
program seeking a balance between tennis and studies.

Whatever the chosen schooling,
the sports program can be individualized according to the project
and the needs of the player in terms of weekly schedule and content.
(One on one or two and/or fitness training)

Our core programs run over 31 weeks
from about September 10 to June 10
but can run up to 42 weeks per year for stronger projects.
The responsibility of the school follow-up is ensured
by the respective principals of each school in regular contact with the tennis coaches,
in order to ensure your child's academic success.

Daily shuttle buses provide the link between the schools and the Barrere Academy.
Students are accomodated in host families
or in boarding school for High school students attending Lycée Pasteur.