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Hankins reference from the pont des Generations

The first day of qualifying for the 2023 edition of the Pont des Générations kept all its promises on the clay courts of Sorgues and Bollène.

< p> Among the girls, no representative of the Vaucluse committee. But the show was there, notably with the very high level performances of the two Russian players, Daria Koreshkova and Aleksandra Iankovskaia (Russia). The logic was respected for this first day with the qualifications of the seeded ones with the exception of the French Maureene Michalowski and the American Stoney Cooks.

Among the boys, we were impatiently awaiting the performance of the representatives of the 84 committee. The Pontetian Maxime Hankins, who has been attending the Barrère Academy since September, was precise and expeditious against the Frenchman Roman Sanchez. Today, he will have a lot to do against one of the favorites in the table, his compatriot Noah Gautier, also ranked 1/6.

The other satisfaction came from the excellent performance of the Cavaillonnais Clément Hacquard, who continues the adventure after his victory against the Spaniard Lucas Ibanez Martinez.

The other survivor of the committee is Lenny Galley who passed the Russian obstacle with flying colors. He will have a lot to do today in the second rotation against the Italian Pietro Aprille.

The Vauclusiens will have to win twice today to integrate the final table.

On the other hand, the adventure ends for the Sorgais Adryan Ballestero and the Arlesien Lilian Chidekh.

Today, the second qualifying round will start at 9 a.m. on the courts of Sorgues and Bollène. And the afternoon will be devoted to the qualifying round, hoping that the Vauclusiens will be in the final table.