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The president of the Algerian tennis federation at the academy

Visit of Mr. YOUSFI, president of the Algerian tennis federation who came to supervise his Davis Cup player Youcef Rihane (50th ITF junior in 2019). The ITF junior is the world ranking of tennis players in the youth category.

Arriving at the beginning of April, Youcef decided to make the academy his base camp in Europe.

A player from the academy Winner of an ITF tournament

A victorious return from the tour for Caspar Jalili Mikkelsen who wins the ITF GUSSING tournament in Austria!

Only one set lost in singles and a doubles final with Raphael Pichot (club partner) to top it off!

Back to the academy to work all April and we'll be back as soon as possible! 👏🏻

European tennis season in full swing

The Tennis Europe season is in full swing in France: Auriane LUNAIN, Inès MHAOURI, Raphael PICHOT, Arthur GEA and Mathieu DERACHE who will compete in the tournaments of Dijon, Chambon sur Lignon and Tim Essonne

Amaury DELMAS visiting the Academy

Always a pleasure to find the former residents of the Academy: today it is Amaury DELMAS (-4/6) who comes to spend 2 days to prepare his next tournament.